portrait of the artist in isolation


To be perfectly clear, Adam H. Marchand is neither an accompanist, nor accountant, nor architect, nor actuary, nor addiction counselor, nor administrative assistant, nor admiral nor admissions counselor, nor ad exec, nor aerobics instructor, nor aeronautical drafter, nor aerospace engineering and operations technologist, nor African studies professor, nor agricultural chemist, nor agriculturist, nor agronomist, nor air bag builder, nor air conditioning service technician, nor aircraft part assembler, nor airline flight attendant, nor airline pilot, nor airport shuttle driver, nor air traffic controller, nor algebraist, nor alligator hunter, nor aluminum welder, nor ambulance dispatcher, nor anesthesiologist, nor ASL interpreter, nor anesthetist, nor animal groomer, nor anthropologist, nor announcer, nor apartment manager, nor apothecary, nor apparel designer, nor appointment clerk, nor archaeologist, nor architect, nor archivist, nor arc welder, nor armed guard, nor art director, nor art handler, nor asbestos abatement technician, nor asphalt paver, nor assayer, nor assistant attorney general, nor astronautical engineer, nor astrophysicist, nor athletic coach, nor attorney, nor audiologist, nor auditor, nor au pair, nor automotive glazier, nor aviation electronics technician, nor babysitter, nor bacteriologist, nor bagel maker, nor bagger, nor baker, nor ballet dancer, nor ballistician, nor balloon pilot, nor bank examiner, nor bar-back, nor barber, nor barista, nor baritone, nor barrel straightener, nor baseball umpire, nor bassoonist, nor bean roaster, nor beautician, nor benefits analyst, nor billing clerk, nor bingo manager, nor biochemical engineer, nor biophysicist, nor blackjack dealer, nor block layer, nor blow mold operator, nor bodyguard, nor boilermaker, nor bond underwriter, nor book editor, nor bookie, nor bookkeeper, nor boom crane operator, nor border patrol officer, nor botany professor, nor bouncer, nor brazer, nor brickmason, nor bridge inspector, nor broadcast engineer, nor budget analyst, nor building code inspector, nor burlesque dancer, nor busker, nor busser, nor butcher, nor buzzsaw operator, nor cabbie, nor cabinetmaker, nor calculus professor, nor calligrapher, nor campaign fundraiser, nor camp counselor, nor car alarm installer, nor cardiologist, nor cardiopulmonary physical therapist, nor cardiovascular interventional technologist, nor carpenter, nor carpet layer, nor cartographer, nor cart pusher, nor car wash attendant, nor cashier, nor casino manager, nor cat breeder, nor cellist, nor census clerk, nor ceramic mold designer, nor chain offbearer, nor cheesemonger, nor chef, nor chemical technician, nor cherry picker, nor chicken vaccinator, nor chief financial officer, nor childcare worker, nor children's librarian, nor chimneysweep, nor chiropodist, nor chiropractor, nor choir director, nor chop saw operator, nor chrome plater, nor circuit board assembler, nor city bailiff, nor city comptroller, nor civil engineer, nor claims adjuster, nor climatologist, nor clinical microbiologist, nor clinical social worker, nor clothes model, nor club DJ, nor CNC machinist, nor coach, nor colorectal surgeon, nor combine mechanic, nor commercial artist, nor commodities broker, nor complaint clerk, nor computational theory scientist, nor CT scan technologist, nor computer hardware developer, nor computer programmer, nor concert pianist, nor concrete finisher, nor conference organizer, nor constable, nor contact lens fitter, nor contract administrator, nor control electrician, nor conveyor belt operator, nor cop, nor copy editor, nor corn detasseler machine operator, nor corporate recruiter, nor correctional officer, nor cosmetologist, nor cost estimator, nor costume designer, nor cotton picker, nor court clerk, nor cryptanalyst, nor cryptographer, nor crystallographer, nor curbstone selector, nor custodian, nor custom furrier, nor cut saw operator, nor cytologist, nor dairy farm manager, nor dance master, nor database programmer, nor data mining specialist, nor debt collector, nor deckhand, nor deer hunter, nor deli slicer, nor dental hygienist, nor dentist, nor deputy sheriff, nor dermatologist, nor dermatopathologist, nor diagnostic radiologist, nor diamond setter, nor dietitian, nor digital archivist, nor dimmer board operator, nor dinkey driver, nor discotheque dancer, nor district sales manager, nor docking pilot, nor doffer, nor dog breeder, nor doll-maker, nor dragline mechanic, nor draughtsman, nor dredger, nor drywall hanger, nor dump truck driver, nor dynamo repairer, nor earth science professor, nor eastern philosophy professor, nor echocardiography technologist, nor economist, nor editorial cartoonist, nor egg gatherer, nor EKG technician, nor elderly companion, nor electrical high tension tester, nor electrician's assistant, nor electrician, nor electrolysist, nor electronic news gathering camera operator, nor electrophysiology nurse practitioner, nor elocroplater, nor elementary school music teacher, nor elevator adjuster, nor elocutionist, nor employee benefits specialist, nor EMS, director, nor EMT, nor endodontist, engine lathe operator, nor english horn player, nor environmental epidemiologist, nor epileptologist, nor equine breeder, nor estate appraiser, nor esthetician, nor ethics professor, nor ethnoarchaeologist, nor event planner, nor executive assistant, nor exotic dancer, nor exterminator, nor eyeglass lens cutter, nor facialist, nor family dentist, nor fan mail editor, nor fare collector, nor FBI investigator, nor ferryboat captain, nor fiberglass laminator, nor field enumerator, nor file keeper, nor film archivist, nor film critic, nor financial analyst, nor finish carpenter, nor firefighter, nor fire safety inspector, nor fire sprinkler installer, nor first mate, nor fish warden, nor flight attendant, nor floor refinisher, nor floral arranger, nor florist, nor food preparer, nor football coach, nor foreign correspondent, nor forensic psychiatrist, nor forest fire control officer, nor forestry laborer, nor forklift driver, nor foundation director, nor freight checker, nor fresco artist, nor front-end loader operator, nor fruit sprayer, nor fundraising director, nor funeral home director, nor furnace converter, nor fur trapper, nor gaffer, nor galley cook, nor galvanizer, nor game show host, nor game warden, nor garbage collector, nor gas main fitter, nor gastroenterologist, nor gem cutter, nor gender studies professor, nor general contractor, nor genetic engineer, nor geographer, nor geologist, nor geomagnetist, geriatric physical therapist, nor german professor, nor gift wrapper, nor glaciologist, nor glazier, nor go-go dancer, nor goat herder, nor goldsmith, nor governor, nor graduate school dean, nor granite-chip terrazzo finisher, nor graphic designer, nor grapple skidder operator, nor gravedigger, nor grill cook, nor grocery stocker, nor groundskeeper, nor guidance counselor, nor gynecological oncologist, nor hairdresser, nor hairpiece 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nor invoice control clerk, nor iron pourer, nor isotope hydrologist, nor IT professor, nor janitor, nor jet engine assembler, nor jewelsmith, nor jig bore tool maker, nor job recruiter, nor judge, nor jurist, nor justice, nor juvenile probation officer, nor keno dealer, nor kettle fry cook operator, nor kosher butcher, nor labor law professor, nor labor relations director, nor lacquerer, nor laminate floor installer, nor lamp operator, nor land acquisitions manager, nor landscape architect, nor land surveyor, nor lawncare worker, nor leaded glass installer, nor legal counsel, nor lens grinder, nor lepidopterist, nor letter carrier, nor librarian, nor library media specialist, nor licensed electrician, nor line cook, nor line feeder, nor lion trainer, nor livestock showman, nor loan processor, nor lobbyist, nor log chipper operator, nor logging swamper, nor logistician, nor log sorter, nor loss prevention detective, nor lumberjack, nor lyricist, nor machine welder, nor machinist, nor macroeconomics professor, nor maestro, nor maitre d', nor management analyst, nor manicurist, nor manufacturing millwright, nor mapper, nor marine biologist, nor marine steamfitter, nor marketing consultant, nor marriage counselor, nor masseur, nor master barber, nor maxillofacial prosthodontist, nor mayor, nor meat smoker, nor mechanical engineer, nor mediation commissioner, nor medical bill coder, nor medical illustrator, nor medical transcriptionist, nor medicare interviewer, nor melt room operator, nor menswear salesperson, nor mess attendant, nor metal grinder, nor metal slitter, nor meteorologist, nor microbiologist, nor microeconomics professor, nor middle school principal, nor migratory game bird biologist, nor mill beam fitter, nor mineralogist, nor mixologist, nor model, nor molecular physicist, nor monorail crane operator, nor mortar mixer, nor motel clerk, nor motor coach tour operator, nor motorcycle repairer, nor motor rewinder, nor motor winder, nor mounted police 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package handler, nor paediatrician, nor painting conservator, nor paleontologist, nor palliative care nurse practitioner, nor paralegal, nor park police officer, nor parquet floor layer's helper, nor pastry finisher, nor patrol officer, nor paver operator, nor payday loan officer, nor payroll auditor, nor pecan gatherer, nor pediatric vascular surgeon, nor pedicurist, nor penal officer, nor pepper picker, nor personal chef, nor personal trainer, nor personnel coordinator, nor petroleum engineer, nor pharmaceutical salesperson, nor pharmacist, nor phlebotomist, nor photojournalist, nor physician's assistant, nor physicist, nor physiotherapy aide, nor pianist, nor piccoloist, nor pickle-maker, nor pierogi maker, nor pipe-fitter, nor pipe straightener, nor pit boss, nor pizza delivery driver, nor plastic engineer, nor plastic surgeon, nor plate glass installer, nor playback operator, nor plumber, nor poker dealer, nor police radio dispatcher, nor political cartoonist, nor pollster, nor port captain, nor postal service window clerk, nor poultry debeaker, nor poultry inseminator, nor power plant control room operator, nor pre-K teacher, nor precision lens centerer and edger, nor press agent, nor pricing actuary, nor private eye, nor probate judge, nor procedural dermatologist, nor process analyst, nor procurement manager, nor production scheduler, nor professional bicyclist, nor professional drag car racer, nor professional skater, nor professor of rhetoric, nor program writer, nor property and casualty insurance claims examiner, nor property manager, nor prosthetics fabrication technician, nor provost, nor pruner, nor psychiatric nurse, nor psychology professor, nor public affairs director, nor public defender, nor publicist, nor public relations manager, nor pulmonary function technologist, nor pulmonologist, nor pulpwood dealer, nor purchasing clerk, nor quality control inspector, nor quilter, nor quilt stuffer, nor radiation therapist, nor radio astronomer, nor radiologic technician, nor radio producer, nor radio station manager, nor radon inspector, nor railroad brake operator, nor railway engineer, nor ranch hand, nor rapper, nor real estate appraiser, nor rebar worker, nor receptionist, nor records clerk, nor reference librarian, nor registered nurse, nor rehabilitation counselor, nor repossessor, nor residential roofer, nor resort desk clerk, nor restaurant server, nor retail buyer, nor rheologist, nor rheumatologist, nor rigging slinger, nor ripsaw operator, nor riverboat captain, rod buster, nor roofer, nor rug designer, nor sailboat captain, nor sales manager, nor sampling expert, nor sand molder, nor saucier, nor scale operator, nor school bus driver, nor scooter mechanic, nor screed operator, nor screw machine tool setter, nor securities trader, nor security officer, nor seed analyst, nor seedling puller, nor seismologist, nor semi-trick driver, nor serologist, nor seventeenth-century english literature professor, nor sheep shearer, 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benefits claims taker, nor union rep, nor university president, nor upholstery instructor, nor urban forester, nor urologist, nor used car salesperson, nor utility bagger, nor vascular surgeon, nor vaudeville actor, nor veneer grader, nor veterinarian, nor vibratory pile driver, nor vinyl flooring installer, nor virologist, nor vocalist, nor vocational rehabilitation counselor, nor volcanologist, nor waiter, nor wall taper, nor want ad clerk, nor warehouse checker, nor warrant clerk, nor waste treatment engineer, nor water mains intaller, nor web content specialist, nor wedding photographer, nor welder, nor western philosophy professor, nor wholesale rep, nor wig stylist, nor wildlife conservationist, nor winch derrick operator, nor wind turbine erector, nor wire annealer, nor women's studies professor, nor wood dowel machine operator, nor wool sampler, nor yard conductor, nor yoga instructor, nor youth programmer, nor zookeeper, nor zoology professor.

He has, however, made a few films, taught at Columbia University, written a few aphorisms, painted a number of decent paintings, acted in several disaster movies, and produced a few installations. He lives and works in Los Angeles and New York.